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Purpose and usability guideline

Band heaters
-101 12
-101 24

Flow-type in-line heaters
-101 12
-102 24
-201 12
-202 24
Flexible tape heaters
-1 12
-1 24

Heated fuel standpipes
-101 24
-102 24
-201 24
-202 24
-301 24
-302 24
Heated fuel standpipe nozzles
-101 12
-102 24
-201 12
-202 24

Fleetguard FuelPro FH230 and DieselPro FH232 systems
-101 12
-102 24
Mann-Hummel PreLine 270 and PreLine420 systems
-201 24
-202 24

Automated heating systems
-101 12
-201 24

Automatic diesel fuel heating systems () are intended for the integrated solution of the diesel fuel heating using the above-mentioned separate heaters combined into the integrated system controlled by autonomous electronic unit. perform a pre-starting and propulsion fuel heating without a driver and facilitate significantly diesel-powered vehicle operation in winter season. In addition to the heaters include fuel temperature sensor (1) and control unit (1) mounted in the engine compartment as well as remote control panel (1) mounted in the drivers cabin. For the automatic control over a liquid fuel heating in the heated standpipes are equipped with tee electromagnetic valve (1).

The control unit has 12V supply voltage for the -101 and 24V for the -201. 1 is connected directly to the vehicle battery (power supply) and to the ignition key (switching-on). The control panel has a mode switch for automatic heating control and manual heating control each heater is switching-on and off manually.

Fuel heating system provides:
automatic heating switching-on at fuel temperature drop below the heating temperature limit;
automatic heating switching-off at fuel temperature increase above the heating temperature limit;
operational programmed control with heating mode and time modification depending on a fuel temperature;
heating shutoff at vehicle-system voltage drop below threshold level, at the heater failure, at short circuit.

Under the automatic control mode 1 is activated when you turn the ignition key at the first operating position. At the initial time the current temperature of the fuel in the target fuel line point is determined by the temperature sensor 1 (usually in the front of the fine filter, at the flow-type heater inlet or in the front of the filter-separator). At the engine starting after long-term interruption this temperature is identified by 1 as the cold engine temperature or as the engine starting ambient temperature. Then depending on the fuel temperature value and the configuration 1 develops the required pre-heating algorithm and implements it according to the specified program. At this time powered-on heaters indication is lighted on the 1. A signal to start the engine is appeared on the remote control panel after the pre-heating. If the pre-heating is not required by temperature fuel value on the 1, the 1 signals immediately to start the engine. At the propulsion heating 1 constantly monitors the fuel temperature from the sensor 1 and according to the configuration switches on electric or combined electrical and fluid heating when the temperature drops below the maximum heating temperature equal usually to plus (53)C. The heating is automatically turned off when the fuel temperature in the fuel line is above the heating temperature limit.

Main technical specifications of the automatic diesel fuel heating systems
™ -101 12, -201 24
Description Model, modification
-101 -101
DC power-supply voltage, V 12 24
Maximum electric power consumption, W, at automatic control mode 300 425
Maximum electric power consumption, W, at manual control mode 575 825
Heater connection channels number / additional control device channels number 4 / 1
Maximum electric power, W, at the channel, designation
1 () fine filter heater -101, -1
2 () flow-type heater -101 (102), -1
3 () filter-separator heater -101, -201 -1
4 () heated fuel standpipe nozzle -101 (102), -201 (202), electric fuel standpipe heater
5 () electromagnetic valve of the liquid fuel standpipe heating control


Operating temperature range, climatic modification -40 +45, 2
Operating temperature range, climatic modification Automatic, manual
Explosion protection marking 1ExibIIT3
Operation mode Continuous from vehicle generator

Examples of the automatic operation mode.

Example 3. When you run the diesel engine with the configuration presented in the Example 1 (Usability guideline section) the fuel temperature from the sensor 1 was -15C. For this case at the pre-heating mode 1 simultaneously switches on the fine filter heater -101 for the estimated time of 5 minutes and the electric fuel standpipe nozzle heater -101 for 3,5 minutes. Then in the propulsion heating mode depending on the current fuel temperature below or above the maximum heating temperature, the flow-type heater -101 automatically switches on and off.

Example 4. When you run the diesel engine with the configuration presented in the Example 2 (Usability guideline section) the fuel temperature from the sensor 1 was -30C. Because of the total electric power consumption for the pre-heating (390 W) is above admissible energy consumption standards equal to 350 W, 1 primarily switches on fine filter heating with two sequentially established -101 24 (240 W) for the estimated time of 7,5 min, and then after -101 disabling it switches on the electric fuel standpipe heater -301/520 24 (150 W) for 4 min. In the propulsion heating mode at a fuel temperature below the maximum heating temperature 1 switches on the flow-type heater -102 and simultaneously puts off 1 from the position 0 to the position 1 of hot coolant supply from the cab heater to the liquid fuel standpipe heater.
Combined electric and liquid heating continues until the fuel heating temperature limit excess. Then 1 turns off electric heating and controls liquid heating according to the upper and lower control fuel temperature. The upper control temperature is +(243)C and is the upper permissible fuel temperature for the optimum performance of the fuel backup and fuel injection pumps. The lower control temperature in this case equals to the maximum heating temperature.
When the temperature exceeds the upper pilot level 1 turns off the liquid heating by switching 1 to the original position 0. If in time the fuel temperature drops again below the heating temperature limit the 1 switches on both electric and liquid heating and propulsion heating cycle.

The delivery set includes:
packed kit (control unit, remote control, fuel temperature sensor, electromagnetic valve clamps on consumer request), wiring kit for connection to the power-supply system, certificate, installation and maintenance manual.

Ordering model designation:
Automatic heating system
™ -101-1 12, -201 24,

where -1 model designation;
01 modification number;
- 1 electromagnetic valve for the liquid fuel standpipe heating control;
24 power-supply system voltage, V